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2022 President's Cup Bracket

As scores come in, we will keep the updated bracket below:

MGA Most Improved Golfer - April

Congrats to Daniel Crockett for winning the April Most Improved Golfer award. Dan reduced his Index from 6.3 to 3.7.  Nice work Dan, a $25 gift certificate to the Bar & Grill is yours to spend!

Click below for full details on the MGA Most Improved Golfer Program

2022 MGA Spring 4-Man "Lone Ranger" Tournament Results

Thanks to all who played and made this another great MGA event.

A special congrats goes out to Drew Suiter for his ace on hole 17!! 

Congrats to the Gross Team winners of Nick Ebelhar, Jeff Rudisill, Phil Perkins and Jerry Hanes with a score of 152. The Net Team winners are Tom Rajek, Corlos Nevarez, Tadd West and John Y Kim with a net 127. All of the winning teams are listed below:

2022 MGA Opening Day Tournament Results

Despite the wet conditions, we had a great MGA Opening Day Tournament to kick-off the 2022 tournament season. Thanks to the 108 guys that participated. Congrats to the Gross Team winners of Daniel Crockett, Jay Pennebaker, Jeff Rudisill and John Hosford for a 2-under par score of 206! The Net Team winners are Matt DeWolf, Bob Kurgan, Shel Conary and Chris Adams with a net 181. All of the winning teams are listed below:


  1. Crockett, Pennebaker, Rudisill, Hosford – 206
  2. Newlon, P Dickerson, Arnold, Fizer – 209
  3. Bradley, Cunningham, West, Bream – 214
  4. Ebelhar, Boll, M Moore, Ohaus – 216
  5. Geary, Ku Cassidy, Duggan, J Kim – 218
  6. CW Taylor, Ramnauth, Brings,  J Hanes – 218


  1. DeWolf, Kurgan, Conary, C Adams – 181
  2. VanWie, Nevaraz, D Kouchoukos, Lacy – 188
  3. Ke Cassidy, Threatt, Wright, Stevens – 190
  4. Fletcher, Hill, Bolin, Frailey – 192
  5. Littleton, Howe, Sharan, Sherwood – 192
  6. Gray, Kerr, Wamer, Fisher – 195

March and April 2022 - New MGA Members

Please welcome our newest MGA Members. Joining recently were:

    1. Chandler Brown
    2. Kevin Downs
    3. Dan Doyle
    4. Tom Bauer

2022 MGA Tournament Schedule