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MGA Mill Cup Final Results

The race for the Mill Cup, and $500 shop credit, came down to the final event. Congrats to Joe Bradley for taking home the 2023 Cup. Joe edged out John Stokes who finished only 40 points behind. Robert Threatt, Danny Harris, and Vivek Sharan rounded out the top 5.

2023 is in the books, thanks to those who participated in all of the MGA events this year! 

Full details and final standings can be found at the following link:

Winter Rules Reminder

Preferred Lies / Winter Rules will apply from December 1st until April 30th.  Preferred Lies / Winter Rules apply for all shots played from YOUR OWN FAIRWAY.  The player has the option to improve the lie without penalty by moving the ball (lift, clean & place only) within one club length of the original spot no nearer the hole or onto the putting green. The player can only place the ball once and then the ball is “in play”. If the ball does not stay on the spot where it was placed, it must be replaced without penalty. If it still won’t stay on that spot it must be placed at the nearest spot where it can be placed at rest that is not nearer the hole. 

2023 MGA Member Member Tournament Results

Congrats to the tournament shootout winners Matt Coy & John Stokes. They played great golf throughout the tournament winning the first flight and outlasting Mark Lacy & Mike Stevens and Joel & Greg Brody on the final shootout hole. 

It was another great weekend with perfect weather. Congrats to all flight winners below:

2023 Bob Lutz Ryder Cup Results

A big congrats to Red Team Pence for taking home the Bob Lutz Ryder Cup for 2023. Rakesh and his blue team held a narrow 4-point lead after day one, but the red team came storming back for a decisive victory on Sunday. The final was 91-77. Excellent work by captain Dylan and his vice-captain Gary. The Pence family now have back-to-back Ryder Cup trophies!

Thanks for everyone who came out for a great weekend of golf and comradery!

MGA Horse Race Results

Thanks to all for your participation in the 2023 MGA Horse Race! Our hope is that you all enjoyed the golf, comradery, and competition.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Brant, Nate, and the rest of the HMCC staff for all of their help and service throughout the day.

Now for the winners… Please help me as we congratulate our 2023 MGA Horse Race winners!

    • 1st Place: Nick Ebelhar and Bob Lutz
    • 2nd Place: Tom Newlon and Paul Belcher
    • 3rd Place: Jon Cooley and Vivek Sharan

MGA President's Cup Winner - Joe Bradley

Congrats to Joe Bradley, our 2023 President’s Cup Champion! Joe outlasted Danny Harris for a 1 up victory on the final hole. Joe will receive the trophy, his name on the plaque, and the $500 shop credit.

2023 MGA Spring 4-Man - The Lone Ranger Results

Thanks to all that came out for the Lone Ranger. We started off on a wet course but overall the weather was perfect. It didn’t bother Jon Cooley on Hole 8 where he made an Ace. Nice work Jon!

Congrats to our Gross and Net winning teams highlighted below:

Gross Team Winners:

    1. Rajek, Hosking, Dickson, Abernathy – 150
    2. Bradley, Sharan, Whitmire, Conary – 150
    3. Cooley, Elliot, Bauer, Mullins – 155
    4. K Johnson, Coy, Ramnauth, Hosford – 157

    Net team winners:
    1. Blake, Threatt, Ku Cassidy, Ohaus – 125
    2. Cockrell, Hill, Fletcher, J Miller – 131
    3. Frazee, Bryner, Holland, Lacy – 133
    4. R. Moore, Collier, Howe, Stevens – 133

    CTP winners: 4. Frazee, 8. Cooley, 15. Fletcher, and 17. Stokes.

    We look forward to seeing everyone for our President’s Cup Qualifier on May 6 and 7.

    2023 MGA Opening Day- Irish Four Ball with a Texas Twist Results

    It started off more like Winter with a frost delay but ended up being a nice Spring day. Thanks for all that came out and braved the weather and wet course. Congrats to our Gross and Net winning teams with some impressive scores in tough conditions. The winning Gross team shot an amazing 1 over par!

    Gross Team Winners:

    1. Palumbo, Carlson, Bolin, Howington
    2. Lee, Torok, M. Moore
    3. Brody, Conary, Barry, JT Taylor
    4. Johnson, Kurgan, Belcher, Abernathy
    5. Bradley, Saylor, Lutz, Kim
    6. Stokes, Collier, Rhodes, Adams

    Net team winners:
    1. Sharan, Duggan, Stevens
    2. Basile, Heusel, Wright, Frailey
    3. R. Moore, Harris, Whitmire, Buck
    4. Cooley, Threatt, Allen, L. Anderson
    5. York, Downs, Erwin, Labadie
    6. VanWie, Bryner, Dobbs, Mancillas

    CTP winners: 4. Sharan, 8. Palumbo, 15. Downs, and 17. Stevens.

    We look forward to seeing everyone for our Spring Tournament on April 22nd. The format and details will be available very soon.

    2023 MGA and Club Tournament Schedule

    *Please note a date change for the Member-Guest